tirsdag 7. april 2009


I am so happy... I´ve been feautered on the Inspirational blog!! Thank you so much, Ewonne:) This was a really big surprise, because I´m new in the blog world. But I´ve been making cards for many years, and I love it!!

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5 kommentarer:

Hilde sa...

wow, så var det din tur og!!!! Grattis og vel fortjent!!

Annita sa...

velfortjent !!

CraftyC sa...

Your blog is beautiful Hanne, and your mention on Inspirational is well deserved!

Unknown sa...

WOW Your creations are beautiful!! Infact I have received an email asking for a tutorial on how you made the envelope.

If you are happy to give a tutorial please email me on tipsandturorials@gmail.com

Julie Allain :)

Unknown sa...

sorry the email address is: tipsandtutorials@gmail.com